Vapor World UPOD

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Vapor World UPod

Are you new to vaping and want a simple device that will get you started straight away? The Vapor World UPod is an easy to use and convenient vape pod which doesn’t require you to charge or refill it with e-liquid at all!

NicOTINE strength (mg)

E-Liquid volume (ml)

Up to (Puffs)

Small Disposable pod

The mini disposable pod is filled with immense flavour that will satisfy your cravings in one single hit.

Convenient to hold with one hand. UPod is easy to use and will bring you an extraordinary comfortable grip.


If what you are looking for is amazing taste from your vape then you can rest assured that if it carries the Vapor world name you have found it.

The questions that many new vape users ask are answered here.


By now the practice of vaping has been well documented, perhaps one or more of your friends have started and you want to try. Your friends are a great source of information and if they let you try their device, that will make choosing your own a little easier. If you are unable to try one first-hand then it may be best to start off with a simple cigarette alternative, a Vapor World starter kit includes all you need to begin, all you would need to do is buy some e-juice that you like the taste of and away you go.


Inhaling any substance (aside from fresh air) cannot be good for your health, the question should be is it safer than smoking traditional cigarettes? and the answer is yes! Tobacco is the world’s leading cause of preventable death, accounting for around 6 million deaths each year due to there being over 5,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, at least 70 of these may cause cancer.


E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco so therefore do not contain those chemicals found in tobacco. E-liquid containing nicotine and is heated into a vapour and breathed in, this intake of nicotine satisfies the cravings associated with a smoking addiction, but doesn’t cause cancer. In fact, recent 2017 figures from Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians estimate that e-cigarettes are ‘around 95% safer than smoking.


Pod vapes are the future - they're small, easy-to-use, and provide you with high-quality vaping at a lower cost. This makes them ideal for smokers making the switch to vaping, the actual device consists of a battery with an open slot at one end where the pods are inserted (For open pod system). A pod system is a middle ground between your starter e-cig and the more advanced vape mods, it allows you to enjoy fresh e-liquid without all the complications of the more advanced box mod systems, which can be intimidating and confuse for some new vapers. Let’s make vaping easier and comfort with the new pod system vape. 

Closed vs OPen POD SYstem

The main difference between the two vape pods are the way that e-liquid is delivered to the heating mechanism. Closed pod system uses tanks, where it comes pre-filled with e-liquids, the parts are fitted together, and it is charged and ready to use right away. Open pod system on the other hand has a clearomizer which would require you to fill it with e-liquids when you want to use it. It would also need to be charged before vaping.  

Closed pod System advantages

Closed pod system is rather similar to the original two piece e-cigarettes in terms of functionality. It offers vapers a fuss-free alternative. Don't think that all people enjoy refilling tanks with e-liquid, dealing with constant leak problems and replacing coil heads. This is where closed system vaporizers come to make your lives a lot easier. You can simply inhale and enjoy. Once it's used up, just replace it with another. You wouldn’t have to worry about charging the battery at all, since it will come fully charged and be ready for you to enjoy your full vape.

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