A flavourful replacement pod that no one can resist. Get yourself a pack of the Palm Fit replacement pod with a wide range of selection.

NZD $20

Main Flavour:

Tobacco, Strawberry, Mint, Apple, Mango

Nicotine strength:

0, 30mg, 60mg



Apple X2
Apple X2 delivers an aromatic blend of bold crisp flavour of apples gathered from the high peaks of the Fuji mountain and a smooth nicotine salt formulation. Every inhale excites your tongue with crunchy and fresh notes while each exhale sweetens your tooth with a generous dose of sugary goodness. If you are looking for a genuinely pleasant and pure fruit taste e liquid to delight your insatiable cravings, Apple X2 is surely one to try!
Simply Pink
Simply Pink features an authentic intense strawberry salt nicotine flavour that’s ideal for vapers who loves clean fruity tastes or timeless classic vape juice flavours. This yummy e liquid combines the incredible aroma and sugary taste of wild red strawberries, while nicotine salts deliver an unparalleled smoothness upon inhalation. Every hit is like biting generously into a sun-kissed strawberry fresh from the vine!
Leaf brings a deep and full-bodied tobacco flavour with smooth and bold delivery to your taste buds. Combining sensational aroma of tobacco leaves and innovative nicotine salt formulation, this will give you a satisfyingly true taste of tobacco that can only be get from the most premium and luxury brands of cigar. For cigar-lovers or seasoned smokers trying to make the switch, this hearty tobacco e juice is a perfect choice that can satisfy your cravings!
Mad Mango
Mad Mango takes the ripest and juiciest of mangoes and smashes them into a delectable e juice for your vaping delight. It borrows the intense tanginess and sweetness of mango, paired with incredible smoothness from its nicotine salt formulation to create a vape that will keep the taste buds begging for more. This irresistible flavour will make you go wild with the summer’s juiciest and tastiest cravings from a mango island getaway!
Mintly brings a genuinely refreshing essence of mint over the body whenever you take a pull. A frosted ice menthol vapor with rich sweet base notes to offer smooth and energizing throat hits. You will feel incredibly refreshed with ice and spearmint dances after every puff!

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