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To render cigarettes obsolete, improve the lives of more than one billion adult smokers and their families; We want every adult smokers to have access to vaping as an alternative that can help them quit smoking.

Our Belief

We truly believe in not only our products, partners, and manufacturers – but in our extended communities as well. Anyone attempting to give up smoking should have the option of an e-cigarette available to them. Worldwide.

Vaping should not be used if you don’t smoke. Although e-cigarettes are not 100% harmless (nothing beats being smoke-free), many people have given up smoking successfully thanks to vaping. Which is why we believe that vaping is the first step to becoming smoke-free and nicotine-free, leading to a healthier and richer life.

Our Understanding

Our focus is always on improving the health and lifestyle of smokers around the world. All of our products are designed and thoroughly tested to make sure that they are easy and safe to operate.

Transparency is the key feature of Vapor World, we never use any harmful substances such as THC, vitamin E compounds found in cannabis-related products. If you need any additional information about the ingredients inside your favourite Vapor World e-liquids and vape pods, we are always happy to provide.

We understand that vaping will continue to be a hot topic. We welcome the dialogue, we desire the debate, we will continue to inform and instruct the public on how best to vape safely. We as vapers know our own stories and we can’t wait to hear yours.


We believe that every smoker should have a clear view of what vaping is about. Here are some of the great scientific information and research that will help you understand why vaping is a great smoking cessation method.