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What Is Palm Fit Closed Pod Vape Kit?

1. Vapor World Palm Fit – A Simple and Effective Pod System

After our first step into the vaping community with UPOD and Kanon, we are ready to move up to the next level. Introducing Palm Fit, the latest ultra-portable pod kit that is designed to achieve the best performance in the most convenient way.
Vapor World Palm Fit inherit the best features of the vaping pod system, providing you with an extraordinary comfortability and satisfying grip at any time.
• Compact Form: Palm Fit is the Vapor World best design to date. No tanks, no button, no hassle! Just a small vape pen that you can carry anytime and use anywhere.
• Auto Operation: Vaping has never been this simple. No need for carefully filling the eliquid or changing the coil, just simply plug any Palm Fit cartridge into the device and you’re good to go!
• True Flavour: Currently there are five premium flavours that are considered to be the most favourite in NZ, each of them has nicotine salt added to achieve stronger and smoother throat hit.

2. Five Unique Flavours for Palm Fit

Vapor World Palm Fit has 5 different flavours to choose. Each of them has a unique flavour profile and 60mg in nicotine salt strength and can last up to 300 puffs, giving you the best value. They are perfect for any smoker who want to make the switch.
• Simply Pink Is our special take in the classic strawberry taste, this eliquid pod provides an sugary aroma of wild red strawberries
• Mintly uses the essence of mint to achieve the frosty menthol taste over your throat and lung upon every inhale. You will feel incredibly refreshed with ice and spearmint dances after every puff!
• Leaf combines sensational aroma of tobacco leaves and innovative nicotine salt formulation to provides classic taste of tobacco of the luxury cigar brands. If you are a seasoned smoker who just start making the switch, this is the one for you!
• Mad Mango brings the sweetness and tanginess of a mango shake to your throat. Its nicotine salt formulation will make the taste smoother. This tropical flavour will remind you the good old summer time.
• Apple X2 delivers an aromatic and juicy flavour of the fresh Fuji mountain apple. If you are looking for a mouth-watering fruit taste e liquid to satisfy your fruits craving, Apple X2 is surely the one to try!

3. Where to get Vapor World Palm Fit in NZ

Vapor World Palm Fit and Flavour Cartridges can be purchased directly from here and Shosha Vape Stores, our main partner in New Zealand. Get them now to experience the best Closed Pod Vape Kit in NZ.