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About Us

Vapor World is a premier NZ brand of authentic and affordable e-liquids and closed pod kits, ideal for all vapers that demand amazing quality flavours. Vapor World produces high quality products with a strong emphasis on modern production technology and advanced product testing equipment. We are proud to say we are a reliable, trusted, high-quality brand with a great reputation for delivering an awesome vape experience to our customers.


Authentic E-Liquids

Vapor World doesn’t allow substandard juices into our range, we are innovative, creative and forward-thinking in our approach, it is our aim to supply only the very best quality.

Each e-liquid line has different flavours that are all unique, rich in taste and suitable for all kinds of vapers. If what you are looking for is amazing taste from your vape then you can rest assured that if it carries the Vapor World name you have found it. You are guaranteed a 100% authentic and truly unique vape juice at a price that’s incredibly affordable.


Quality Pod kits

Vapor World exploded onto the vape scene by the state-of-the-art disposable UPOD integrated premium e juice flavours and Palm Fit Closed Pod Vape Starter Kit designed to achieve the best vaping performance in the most convenient way. Combining the technical mastery and highest quality, it is no wonder why Vapor World kits have gained a wild popularity among vapers worldwide.


We can say with absolute confidence that our pod kits are consumer and quality tested to the highest standards to ensure you get the best experience from your e-cig. Working in conjunction with industry leaders, Vapor World E-Liquids are of the highest quality, you can rely on our brand to give you the best taste experience again and again.

Our Products & Our Partners

Vapor World is a genuine and high-quality brand, please make sure you shop at one of our authorised retailer’s stores – Shosha – one of the largest vaping, hookah and e-liquid companies in New Zealand. You can buy our products at over 70 different Shosha retailers and online at

For enquiries please feel free to contact us.